X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer : XAN

Analysis instrument that measures from bottom to top. Very flexible in its use. Fully enclosed measurement chamber allows also for large apertures and thus for high count rates that can be processed with the silicon drift detector. Excitation and radiation detection corresponds to the XDV-SDD. Ideal for the analysis of gold alloys and for trace analysis of harmful substances in plastics.

In their various configurations, the instruments of the FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XAN family cover a very wide range of applications. Their particular strength lies in quick and precise materials analysis and user-friendly handling, for e.g. the analysis of precious metal and gold alloys. The instruments are also useful in the analysis of thin coatings in the electronics and PC Board industries.

All models have in common the geometric arrangement of their hardware components. X-ray source and detector are located below the measurement chamber. The measurement is carried out from bottom to top. This allows for fast and easy positioning of the samples. The instruments of the XAN family are available in several versions that differ with regard to X-ray tubes, detectors, number of apertures and filters. Therefore, the XAN family offers optimised solutions for various applications and accuracy requirements while delivering excellent cost-effectiveness. The assortment of XAN instruments also includes models with both hardware and software specially designed to meet the unique requirements of the jewellery industry and the gold trade.

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Coating Thickness Gauge For Electroplating and Electroless Coating : XAN

X-ray tube with W-anode and glass window or micro-focus X-ray tube with W-anode and beryllium window.

Maximum operating conditions: 50 kV, 50W

Proportional counter tube, silicon PIN diode or Silicon drift detector as X-ray detector

Aperture: fixed or 4-x automatically exchangeable, Ø 0.2 mm to Ø 2 mm

Primary filter: fixed, 3-x exchangeable or 6-x automatically exchangeable

Fixed sample support

Video camera for optical observation of the measurement location along the axis of the primary X-ray beam. Crosshairs with calibrated scale (ruler) and display of the measurement spot Design-approved, fully protected instrument compliant with the German X-ray ordinance.

Typical fields of applications

Gold and precious metal analysis in the Jewellery and watch industries

Measurement of thin coatings of only a few nanometres, such as Au and Pd on printed circuit boards and electronics components

Trace analysis (e.g. harmful substances in electronic components (ROHS) or tools)

Analysis of light elements such as Al, Si, P with the XAN 250

General materials analysis and coating thickness measurement in laboratories, testing institutions and universities

Portable XRF Spectrometer

FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XAN® 500 Mobile X-RAY Fluorescence Measuring Instrument for Fast and Non-Destructive Material Analysis and Coating Thickness Measurement

The FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XAN 500 is a mobile and universally applicable energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence measuring instrument. It is well suited for the non-destructivecoating thickness measurement and material analysis. The instrument is perfectly suitable for measurements in quality assurance, incoming inspection and process control. Thanks to its small size, you can measure even on difficult geometries.

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Portable XRF Spectrometer
Typical fields of applications

Measurements on large coated parts, like Machine components and housings

Mobile measurements in electroplating shops

Mobile measurements of precious metals

Determination of the metal content of electroplating baths (Solution analysis)Outstanding accuracy and long-term stability are characteristics of all FISCHERSCOPEX-RAY systems.

The necessity of recalibration is considerably reduced, saving time and effort. The modern silicon drift detector achieves high accuracy and good detection sensitivity.The fundamental parameter method by FISCHER allows for the analysis of solid and liquid specimens as well as coating systems without calibration.
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