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Coating Thickness Handheld Gauge : FMP 10 & 20

Coating thickness handheld gauge FMP10 & 20 is USB interface with automatic base material and probe identification that is used for magnetic induction and eddy current probes. Coating thickness handheld gauge FMP10 & 20 has retention power for holding up to 1000 readings. Coating thickness handheld gauge FMP10 & 20 ensures perceptible signal with measurement appropriation. It is programmed using modern technology for performing easy corrective calibration. Our coating thickness handheld gauge FMP10 & 20 easily adapt to the design of the specimen through a zero-point correction. Furthermore, it can be used for unit switching between micrometer and mils for measurements.

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Coating Thickness Handheld Gauge FMP10 & 20

For magnetic induction and eddy current probes

Automatic base material and probe recognition

Easy-to-use with intuitive menu

Large contrast-rich colour display

Memory for up to 1,000 readings

USB interface

Instant measurement upon probe placement

Audible signal with measurement acquisition

Easy adaptation to the shape of the specimen through a zero-point correction (normalization)

Easy to perform corrective calibration (verification of accuracy)

Sliding cover to protect keys against unintentional operation

Various language settings

Units of measurement can be switched between μm and mils

Measurement strategies & evaluation

Single reading acquisition

Measurements with the “free-running display” mode for continuous scanning of surfaces

Statistical display of significant values such as mean value, standard deviation, min, max, range

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Coating Thickness Handheld Gauge : FMP 30 & 40

Hand- held instruments: FMP30 & 40 have USB interface with additional Bluetooth option for better operations. Our hand-held instruments: FMP30 & 40 have integrated memory space for storing 20,000 readings. These have ability to authorize matrix measurement form for corresponding multi-point measurement. Hand-held instruments: FMP30 & 40 automatically eliminates the measurements containing error. Our hand-held instruments: FMP30 & 40 have special measuring modes in accordance with measuring regulations IMO PSPC, SSPC-PA2, QUALANOD and QUALICOAT.

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Hand-held Instruments: FMP30 & 40

External key-triggered measurement acquisition, e.g. in hollow cylinders with small diameters

Audible and visual warning when tolerance limits are exceeded

Option Bluetooth or COM additional available to the default USB interface

Measurement strategies & evaluation

Stored specifications for measurements according to IMO PSPC, SSPC-PA2, QUALANOD and QUALICOAT

Capability to enable matrix measurement mode for correlated multi-point measurements

Averaging of measurement data: Only the mean value of several readings will be stored

Measurement acquisition through area measurement: Single readings are captured until probe lift-off and averaged

Outlier rejection settings for automatic elimination of erroneous measurements

Free-running display with additional presentation of the reading as an analog bar between the tolerance limits

Statistics display of the most significant values in the block and final results. Output of variance-analytical values

Graphical measurement display as a histogram

Capability of entering process tolerance limits and computation of the associated process capability indices cp and cpk

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Hand-held Instruments : FMP 100 & 150

Hand-held instruments: FMP100 & 150 are pre-installed with windows CE operating system and has a graphical user interface. Our Hand-held instruments: FMP100 & 150 have superior-quality touch screen with implicit keypad that can be controlled by using stylus or any finger. Hand-held instruments: FMP100 & 150 have sufficient memory for working with plethora of measuring applications with different calibration. Hand-held instruments: FMP100 & 150 have optional FISCHER data center IP that has turned this device into multi-operating data terminal.

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Hand-held Instruments : FMP100 & 150

Windows™ CE operating system with large touchscreen display

Individually customisable user interface

Very simple calibration via operator guidance

Clear management of measuring applications through user-definable file and folder structure

Memory adequate for thousands of measuring applications and several thousand readings

USB communication and printer port

Can be set to various European and Asian languages

Various display screens for measurement acquisition, e.g. with concurrent “original value chart” for immediate process visualisation

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Handheld Gauge : Phascope PMP10

Handheld gauge phascope PMP10 is a specially developed device to measure the thickness of the layers of paint and zinc and the resulting output is displayed distinctively on the screen. Our handheld gauge phascope PMP10 is capable of performing analysis functions developed for quality control. Handheld gauge phascope PMP10 has memory storage for up to 20,000 readings with précised measurements. Handheld gauge phascope PMP10 conveys data via RS232 interface ensuring better performance. It works on the principle of magnetic induction, eddy current and it is an effective tool for measuring coating thickness.

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Handheld Gauge Phascope PMP10

DUPLEX measuring mode: display of paint on zinc on iron or paint on aluminium

DUAL measuring mode: display of total thickness (paint and zinc) on iron or paint on aluminium

Extensive evaluation and statistics functions

Outlier control and tolerance monitoring options

Various languages to choose from

Battery and/or continuous operation via plug-in charger (included)

Storage of up to 20,000 readings

Data transfer via RS232 interface

Product Details:

Storageup to 20,000 readings
Data transfervia RS232 interface
Display TypeDigital

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