Benchtop Unit Coating Thickness Measurements : MMS PC2

Benchtop units manufactured by our company provide one measuring solution for all measuring applications including coating thickness measurement and material testing. Our benchtop units have unique design that can be adapted specifically according to the user’s need at any time for more convenient measuring operations. Our benchtop units are tested dynamically under process conditions using modern technology before it leaves the factory.

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Fischerscope MMS PC2

Coating thickness measurement

Measurement of the coating thickness with the following material combinations:

Almost all coating materials on metals

Duplex coating systems

Metallic coatings on electrically nonconductive materials

Organic coatings, e.g. oil or grease films

Material testing

Measurement of the electrical conductivity of nonferrous metals

Testing of the quality of weld seams, ferrite content in austenitic or duplex steels

At home in all industries


Electronics industry

Paint industry

Coating technologies

Gold, watches, jewellery

Material analysis and material testing

Versatile in application

Quality assurance in incoming and outgoing inspections

Routine tests or sampling in ongoing production

Continuous production control

Can be integrated in quality management systems and company networks

Measurement by hand or automated

Automatically after touchdown of the probe

At the push of a button or via external start

In predefined time intervals

Semiautomatically with motorised support stand or programmable XY measuring stage

Automated via PLC unit

Automated in production plants

Modular design

Eight modules with different test methods for coating thickness, conductivity and ferrite content are available

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Probes For Coating Thickness Measurements

High resolution probes execute the conversion of coating thickness into an electrical signal which is in order to unveil the value of coating thickness on the display screen of device. Our high resolution probes have special cavity probe V3FGA06H designed for non-destructive measurements of EPD coatings ensuring high efficiency. These have patented conductivity compensation that enables adjustment for various base material conductivities. High resolution probes have spring-loaded system that ensures the decrement in calculation errors and thus helps in increasing the accuracy of the device.

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Probes For Coating Thickness Measurements
Typical Fields of Applications

Measurement of the corrosion protection coating in plastics on steel pipes with the probe FKB10

Measuring of duplex coatings with the probe FDX13H

Measurements of anodized coatings with the curvature-compensating probe FTD3.3

Automated measurement of the chrome coating on piston rods with the probe V2FGA06H

Measurement of zinc powder coating with the two-pole probe V7FKB4

Measurement of auto body paint thickness using the Dual probe FD10

Various measurement areas

Measurement of the coating thickness with the following material combinations:

Diameter from 2 mm (78.7 mils)

Areas from 30 mm x 30 mm (1.18 " x 1.18 “)

Various measuring sites

Flat, even surfaces

Easily reachable

In boreholes

In grooves and cavities

On curved surfaces and on cylinders

High specimen temperatures up to + 80 °C (+ 176 °F)

Humidity ambients

Manual or automated measurements

Hand-held probes

Built-in probes for automated measuring systems

Various coating hardnesses

Hard coating materials (metallic coatings like chrome etc.)

Softly coated materials (paint, lacquer, textiles etc.)

Various coating hardnesses

Iron and steel

Non-ferrous metals

Various metals

Steel under Duplex coating systems

Epoxy and plastic

Various coating hardnesses

Single probe tip or double probe tips

Round or even pole tips

Different probe tip sizes

Different probe tip materials, e.g. hard metal, jewel, TiN/TiC, PVD, hard plastic

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